The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics develops simulation and optimization models and methods for a broad scope of applications according to the philosophy "mathematics as technology". The department of optimization is among the world-wide leading research groups in multicriteria decision support in several contexts. The project group "Medical Therapy Planning" builds on over 10 years of experience in decision support for radiation treatment planning. The first deterministic multicriteria radiation treatment planning concept for IMRT was developed in cooperation between DKFZ and ITWM. The multicriteria planning technique patented by ITWM is available for clinical planning in the commercial planning system RayStation by the Swedish company RaySearch Laboratories. The entire ITWM-based planning concept was recently extended by further interactive planning techniques in the context of the BMBF DOT-MOBI project.

In SPARTA, ITWM is responsible for all models and tools for interactive treatment plan optimization and adaption, as well as for the interfaces to the system. Methods varying in complexity are developed which can be integrated seamlessly into existing clinical workflows. These will be integrated into a common software developed by all partners as prototypes.