The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is the largest biomedical research center in Germany. It is part of the scientific Helmholtz community. The research focuses on the mechanisms of cancer genesis and to assess risk factors for cancer. Prevention, diagnosis and therapy of cancer form the research basis at the DKFZ.

The interconnection between the other Heidelberg-based sites (UK-HD and HIT) is ensured by a joint institutional structure (Heidelberg institute for radio oncology, HIRO).

The following parts of the DKFZ are working in and contributing to SPARTA:

  • Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology
  • Clinical Cooperation Unit Radiation Oncology
  • Division of Radiology
  • Workgroup "Software developement for Integrated Diagnostics and Therapy".

Within SPARTA, the DKFZ is responsible for these working packages:

  • developing algorithms to reconstruct the applied dose,
  • simulating different courses of treatment,
  • performing a clinical study of a stereoscopic camera system that aims at reducing position inaccuracies,
  • integration of procedures for respiratory triggered radiotherapy and
  • multi-modal diagnostic for radiotherapy of prostate carcinoma.