Radiation Therapy clinics are striving to provide high-quality individualized care. A wide variety of images – 3D and 4D, CT, MR and PET – acts as a basis for treatment decisions, and therefore have the potential to optimize the outcomes for each patient. Many existing treatment planning systems and virtual simulation solutions have not been specifically designed to manage the increasing diversity and volume of images in RT. Siemens addresses the needs of clinicians around the world by providing them with modern software solutions. With a clear and comprehensive view of their patients, clinicians are empowered with solutions that result in easier and more intuitive clinical decision-making.

As a member of the SPARTA project, our role includes image registration, semi-automatic structure contouring, and therapy response analysis. In particular, we use our proficiency in algorithm development and provide other participants with easy-to-use software and evaluation tools. SPARTA provides a very valuable platform for direct communication with radiooncologists in order to better understand and meet their clinical needs. Furthermore, SPARTA allows Siemens to assess the latest technological developments by other project partners to evaluate their potential for commercialization in radiooncology clinical applications.